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Add a Passenger Canoe Seat


Add a Passenger Canoe Seat




Add-a-Passenger Canoe Seat

The Add-a-Passenger Canoe Seat designed by us at Endless River and manufactured here in the UK to provide an extra seat in your canoe when paddling with an additional passenger without the need to drill holes to fit an additional wooden seat.

The Add-a-Passenger Canoe Seat is quick to use – simply push on to your gunnels, adjust the straps to get the desired height and off you go! The Seat is comfortable and robust so will take the weight of an adult and can be placed anywhere in the boat.

Weighing 675gs, the Add-a-Seat can be rolled up and carried with your canoe kit so that it can be used when family or friends want to join you for a day out on the water.

The seating area is made from durable Cordura and measures 44 x 26 cms providing a comfortable wide seat. The 4 webbing straps can be adjusted to the width of your canoe and also to adjust paddler seating height.

The push on gunnel panels are each 30cms long.

Options available:

1/    Original (green seat) will fit the following canoes:-

  •      Old Town
  •      Mad River
  •      Wenonah
  •      Pelican
  •      Coleman
  •      Selway Fisher

2/   Latest version (red seat) will fit the following canoes:-

  • ·    Venture
  • ·    Hou

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