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Sailing Web Seat


Sailing Web Seat


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The shaped Sailing Seat with its’ pre-drilled pole/mast hole is ideal for those who prefer to mix a bit of solo sailing into their paddling trip to assist down those long river stretches!

The webbed seating area is available in a choice of 2 sizes: Standard or Extra Wide for those preferring a wider webbed seating area.

The shaped frame is made from Ash with a varnished finish ready to be cut to size for fitting (please add varnish to the cut ends to protect the wood.

Bolts and mounting kits are available separately.

These seats are also available as part of the Solo Sailing Kit options so please see the canoeing/sailing section to purchase with the kit and pole.

The first measurement below is total width of frame followed by the webbed seating area width.

Choices available:

  • Standard     34″/13″  £66
  • Extra Wide  34″/18″ £82