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Solo Sailing Kit (Thwart)


Solo Sailing Kit (Thwart)


Please take a look at Ray Goodwin’s Youtube video  of outfitting a canoe for Sailing (in Outfitting section of our website)

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Our Endless River Solo Canoe Sailing Kit (all made in the UK) is an economical way to set up your canoe for sailing and comes complete with our large Sail with see-through panel, mounting system which comprises a pre-bored thwart with bolts, our own design rubber mast foot with glue and the option to purchase an Endless River 2-piece Pole in Aluminium, Fibre Glass or Carbon at a further reduced package price (optional). You can also purchase just the Sail but please see its’ own listing.

This simple to use Canoe Sailing system works effectively and allows you to enjoy canoe sailing solo. The large sized Sail has a  sewn in lateen support pocket and a large see-through panel to allow visibility when you are sailing.

The Endless River thwart is supplied natural allowing you to apply your own finish.


Options available with a pre-drilled thwart:     (For Sailing Seat option -see own listing)

  • Solo Sail Only (see own listing)
  • Mast Foot and Glue only (see own listing)
  • Solo Sailing Kit (Sail, Thwart, mast foot etc)  No pole
  • Solo Sailing Kit + Aluminium Pole                   *
  • Solo Sailing Kit + Fibre Glass Pole                    *   
  • Solo Sailing Kit + Carbon Pole                           *


* Please note courier charges regarding poles:

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Please take a look at the latest excellent instructional video from Ray Goodwin on sailing a canoe