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Water & Ice Rescue Frisbuoy


Water & Ice Rescue Frisbuoy


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The Frisbuoy is designed to be thrown to a conscious drowning victim from water and ice by pulling them smoothly through the water or over the ice to safety as they clutch the disc to their chest.

Weighing 624gs the Frisbuoy can be comfortably thrown 23 metres by most adults and large children after only a handful of practice throws.


  • Pull the blue tab on the Velcro strip that holds the line in place
  • Unwind 6 or 7 loops of rope and let it drop to the ground in front of you away from your feet
  • Firmly grasp the rope with your non-throwing hand (Not the Velcro strip and not around your wrist)
  • Place your throwing thumb in the thumb indent
  • Stand sideways with your right shoulder pointing towards the victim
  • Aim 2-3 metres slightly upwind or upriver of the victim
  • Keep the disc horizontal to the water surface or ground
  • Pull the disc in a straight line across your chest with your arm pointing at the victim at the end of the throw
  • As you release the disc at the end of the throw it will rotate in flight shedding the line
  • The rope can be pulled gently to guide the disc towards the victim’s hands so they can pull the disc to their chest for support
  • In a smooth steady motion pull the rope and victim to safety
  • If unsuccessful pull the rope for a re-throw


  • Practice at least 5 times to become adept as seconds and accuracy are always of prime importance in any rescue situation.
  • If the Frisbuoy curves left you had it tipped down when released and likewise if it curves right you had it tipped up when thrown.
  • The Frisbuoy can be quickly pulled back for a re-throw without the need to rewind the disc. Pile the rope on the ground in front of you away from your feet but be aware that the uncoiled disc will not travel as far but can be re-thrown quicker.
  • After use, thoroughly rinse the Frisbuoy and allow the rope to dry before storing away for next time.
  • Store in a conspicuous easy to access location.
  • The water and ice rescue Frisbuoy is an emergency life saving device. It is not a toy and not a PFD (personal floatation device) for children or adul