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Gunwale Repair Section


Gunwale Repair Section


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Our new Endless River Gunwale Repair section is supplied as a 70 cms length of clip on vinyl gunwale with 10 fixing rivets. The section will fit the following vinyl trim boats:-

  • Old Town
  • Mad River
  • Wenonah
  • Pelican
  • Coleman

The Gunwale Repair Section is an easy, quick fix repair to replace and make safe any broken, split or cracked section of gunwale without the tedious and costly task of having to replace the entire side.

Simply cut the required length from the 70 cms strip (or use the complete strip), push onto the gunwale with the longer side facing inwards and secure into place with the rivets supplied although can be used without the rivets for an emergency repair whilst paddling.

Once fitted, the section provides a lasting repair which can then be drilled into for seat, yoke or thwart mounting.


  • Length 70cms
  • Width 58mm outside, 52mm inside
  • Weight 575gs