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2 Piece Aluminium Pole


2 Piece Aluminium Pole



Endless River Aluminium Canoe Pole.   

Made entirely in the UK by 11 different British companies each completing a process from the British Steel manufacture to the cardboard tubes.

Our own design strong 2 piece pole of red anodised Aluminium has a simple large headed centre push button butt joint to form a total  genuine 12’ length with solid aluminium end bungs and built in flotation. Designed to take abuse the heavy-duty Endless River Aluminium pole will suit both individual and Centre use.

It will open up a whole new world to explore and discover.  You will find hidden spots that no one else can reach as you can pole in very shallow waters and marshes.  Once you have gained confidence and mastered the basic skills (balance for one!), you will not leave the house without your paddle AND your pole.

The next step once you have your canoe pole is to try Solo Sailing your canoe as our pole forms an essential part of the kit.

P.S There will be a courier surcharge applied to your shipping cart due to the length of this item and please be aware that your parcel will take 2-3 days to arrive (this is a courier issue and not us!).

Please take a look at the latest excellent instructional video from Ray Goodwin on poling a canoe

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