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Heat Shrink (per 25cms)


Heat Shrink (per 25cms)


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Heat Shrink provides that finished look to your paddle or pole and prevents water from seeping in to your paddle shaft.

Available in Blue or Black as standard heat shrink with a shiny finish and requiring very little heat to shrink – sold in 25cms lengths in a continuous strip as this would be sufficient for 2 canoe paddles (i.e. x 2 = 50cm length, x 3 = 75cm length).  We also supply the premium heat shrink for a higher level finish with a rubbery textured grip – please note that this heat shrink will take more heat to shrink so a heat gun would be advisable.

Cut the heat shrink to the desired length, open and slide over the paddle shaft BEFORE fixing in any canoe T Grip or handle. Then slide up into place over the handle joint and apply heat gently using a heat gun or hairdryer to shrink to a perfect finish.


  • Blue Standard per 25cms in continuous length
  • Black Standard per 25cms in continuous length
  • Black Grip per 25cms in continuous length
  • Black Textured per 25cms (max continuous length is 1.5M so more than this would be in 2+ lengths)