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D Rings


D Rings




Endless River D Rings.   

D Rings are a permanent and simple way to secure your canoeing equipment into your canoe to avoid losing it in the event of capsize. We also supply separately the rope or karabiners required for attaching to the D Ring.

All our D Rings and slides are made from stainless steel, fitted on a vinyl pad ready to be glued into position within your canoe. We offer both 25mm 1″ (Small) and 50mm 2″ (Large) D rings.

Pictured : Top Row: Large D Ring and Small D Ring   Bottom Row:   Adjustable Anchor and Equipment Anchor.

  • Equipment Anchor            £6
  • Small D Ring                       £8
  • Large D Ring                       £10
  • Adjustable Anchor            £10

River Bond is available separately or as a Combo deal

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