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Combo: Kayak Straps + Roof Rack Pads


Combo: Kayak Straps + Roof Rack Pads



A cost saving combo on a Pair of Kayak Straps + Set of Roof Rack Pads

Endless River Kayak Straps. 

Our own robust pair of 3mtr x 35mm straps with quick release buckle are made from the same quality and width webbing as our Endless River Canoe Straps but have been tailored in length  to secure your kayak without having a long annoying trailing end. All of our straps come with a padded section behind the buckle to protect from scratching your boat and are made from strong 35mm wide webbing to spread the load ensuring your boat remains in position securely.

Colour: Blue with red stripe – so that you can see them when unloading and don’t leave them behind on the ground!.


Endless River Kayak Roof Rack Pads – Set of 2 x 18″ pads in red.

Protect your kayak when transporting with this pair of Cordura covered thick foam pads. Simply open the foam tubes and place over your roof rack bars then use the Velcro fastening cover to protect and keep the foam in place. The Kayak Roof Rack Pads provide a low cost solution and avoid unnecessary damage to your boat whilst travelling to and from the river.

Please note: These pads will not fit Aero roof bars.