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Phantom Black Carbon WW Paddle


Phantom Black Carbon WW Paddle


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We introduced this paddle some 18 years ago and it remains our most popular paddle ever!   It is like your best friend – dependable, reliable, always there when you need it and will never let you down. We could have made the blade smaller – but then it would not be so powerful, we could have made it lighter – but then it would not last as long as it does so our policy is why change something that works so well!  Now also available in 4 bright colours for those wanting to stand out from the crowd – see own listing

Maximum power, durability and low weight are the strengths of this super high spec white water carbon canoe paddle.

The large pear-shaped blade captures the water in the shallowest of eddies with this high strength to weight ratio paddle.

Blade Dimensions:

  • Length 16.5″  (42cms)
  • Width   9″       (22cms)

Blade:        Pre-preg Carbon
Shaft:         Semi Carbon
Lengths:    57″, 58″, 60″ or Uncut (Max length is 66″ with a Grip)

Grip: Carbon T or Carbon Palm or Standard T Grip – Please select from the drop down list

P.S. If you require us to cut to a length not listed below then please contact us or leave the desired overall length in the notes section when you purchase

*Sometimes we get cosmetic blem paddles in which are not shown on the website but are available at a reduced price so contact us if interested