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Repair Stick & Tape Combo


Repair Stick & Tape Combo




A Combo of a Standard Repair Stick + Roll of Repair Tape


Repair Stick

Our Standard size Repair Stick (3”/7.5 cms) works even when the boat is wet. An ideal repair when the boat is ’holed’ – simply cut a piece from the stick, knead it together, put it in the hole and off you go!

Supplied in its’ own container so use what you need and then use the rest at a future date – a must have for all paddlers – canoeists and kayakers alike to put in their essential kit bag.

Repair Tape

Our large rolls of Cloth Repair Tape are 50m long and 50mm wide. Ideal for emergency repairs and hundreds of other uses! As with any tape, please dry your boat before applying.  Keep one in your kit bag along with one of our Repair Sticks! Please choose  Standard or Premium tape:-

Standard Tape

A strong polycloth laminate waterproof gloss tape coated with an aggressive pressure sensitive solvent free rubber-resin adhesive.

  • Ideal for inside or outside applications.
  • Offers a high tack performance which delivers an excellent initial grab.
  • Easy to tear and will conform to awkward surfaces.
  • Can be used across various applications where a high tack, abrasion resistant and easy tear cloth tape is required.


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